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IT Outsourcing Trends in 2015

Outsourcing has become a progressive strategy that helps companies adapt to the ever-evolving market on the fly. More and more businesses are contracting I

A Guide to Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

When choosing a mocking framework for your unit tests, you may find quite many options: Moq, Rhino Mocks, NMock, EasyMock.NET, etc. All of them have the si

Pagination with Dynamic Data Loading

I’m going to show you how to perform stable loading of pagination data, when an amount of data changes between requests. All samples will be made with C# a

Data-Driven Smart Cities: Big Data, Analytics, and Security

Yesterday, living in data-driven smart cities was perceived as a science-fiction fantasy. Today, city administrators have introduced a Chief Data Officer r

Proven Reasons to Try IT Outsourcing for Startups

So, you’ve already come up with the final vision of your tech product and feel ready to test it with a minimum viable product, a proof-of-concept or a prot

How IoT Is Changing The Travel Industry Today and Tomorrow

Traveling is one of the leading industries to embrace technical innovations, IoT being among them. This game-changing technology is forming a new reality –

Testing Types Explained: Which, When, and Why?

Do you believe in love at first sight? When it comes to software, it is usually the case: you either like it and keep using it or delete the buggy thing. T

Mission [Im]Possible: How to Hire the Best IT Talent and Not Go Bankrupt

A focused look. A geeky T-Shirt. Their fingers type with the speed of light. They’re dedicated, and they’ve got the brains to skyrocket your business. They

In-House Development vs Outsourcing: How to Deal With the Staffing Dilemma

Organizations across the globe adopt IT infrastructures by leaps and bounds. They demand top-level software engineers that will help them cope with the cha
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