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Skelia to Merge with Nortal, a Global Digital Transformation Leader

Published on May 25, 2022
Skelia to Merge with Nortal, a Global Digital Transformation Leader
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Multinational strategic change and technology company Nortal announced to integrate Skelia, an international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations and affiliate companies in Eastern-Europe. Skelia brings cross-border organization-building expertise to Nortal’s unparalleled ability to deliver value by complex digital transformation projects.

"Skelia has established itself as an international leader in building dedicated multi-site technology teams in areas where customers want to stay in control and experience premium team stability and service quality. Their strong presence in Ukraine and Poland provides Nortal an excellent platform for growth. Together, we are able to further expand the business across different geographies and time zones while strengthening our offering and serve customers across the full value spectrum, seamlessly"
Priit Alamäe
Founder of Nortal

As the next steps, Nortal and Skelia will focus on creating customer synergies and value, as well as building additional opportunities for Skelia’s great talent in Poland and Ukraine, to become part of a fast-growing, impact-driven global company.

"It’s an exciting moment for Skelia. In Nortal we found a perfect match and strategic partner, with shared ambitions, shared people values and a strong customer focus. By joining forces, Nortal and Skelia leverage each other’s complementary and individual strengths and provide new career opportunities for our global combined employee pool of more than 1700 people. Nortal brings us a rich experience in building complex solutions and products. This is highly complementary to Skelia’s longstanding business of building over 200 stable cross-border IT and engineering organizations for leading companies across Europe, UK, the Nordics and USA."
Patrik Vandewalle
CEO & Co-Founder of Skelia

“Many companies have been downscaling their operations in Ukraine or even pulling out. To the contrary, both Nortal and Skelia believe in the unique future of Ukraine and the strength of its people. Together, we are in a stronger position to create international development opportunities for the local talent in Ukraine”, added Alamäe.

Skelia was founded in 2008 and it currently employs more than 350 people, mostly in Ukraine and Poland. Skelia serves customers in 10 countries and operates through a global network of offices in the Benelux, Poland, Ukraine, and the United States.

Nortal. Founded in 2000, Nortal employs over 1400 people and has 20 offices in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Nortal’s Seamless Teams bring together world-class strategic consulting, software engineering, product and customer experience, project management and design practices to create meaningful impact for customers and seamlessly deliver the future.  

The acquisition was advised by Dragon Capital on the buyer’s side and Oaklins Sweden on the seller’s side.

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