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Get custom-fit expert teams on demand for quick project wins or specific tasks. Boost capacity and develop services, products, and features quickly. Staff hiring, training, and management? Off your plate.

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Dreaming big but need specific skills? Tight timelines demand quick action. Don't waste time on hiring and training.

With Team as a Service, you get a tailored, expert team to launch your project swiftly and efficiently. Scale up without the slowdown, without the cost and burden of hiring and training talent.


Expert teams that enhance your current skills or bring new ones.


Low ramp-up time and maximum team productivity.


Flexible team scaling based on the current needs.

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The power of

The Team as a Service model streamlines access to a managed team of experts for short-term, long-term or specialized projects.

By choosing Team as a Service, you can bypass the hassle of recruiting and managing staff and gain immediate access to a team with the necessary skills.

This model is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, eliminating the extra expenses of traditional hiring. With Team as Service we manage recruitment, onboarding and team leadership. You can concentrate on your main operations. Together, we ensure you projects success.

Is Team as a
Service right
for you?

Team as a Service delivers the flexibility, access to skills, and cost savings essential for dynamic market players. It is a perfect fit for fast-paced industries like fintech, travel, enterprise and SaaS, serving:

  • Scale-ups, SMEs, and project-focused entities needing quick, expert delivery without the overhead.
  • Businesses that require the agility to scale teams based on project flow.
  • Companies seeking external expertise to boost efficiency and team skill sets.
  • Organizations aiming for top-tier outcomes on tight deadlines, cost-effectively, bypassing the expenses of in-house hires.

Explore how we've mastered countless tech skills across diverse industries, all from Europe's most dynamic digital hubs.

Team as a Service
or Dedicated Teams

Thinking about the best fit for your project - dedicated IT teams or Team as a Service? Our comparison table breaks down the differences to guide your choice.


Team as a Service


How long do you need support?

Short- or long-term specialized projects

What do you need?

Flexible Specialized skills

What do you want to add?

Available on short notice from our talent
Delivery Management

Who should manage the team?

Our Dedicated project or delivery manager

What's your preference?

Daily rates

Let's connect & discuss your needs

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Flexible power
without hiring.
Step by step.

Need enduring support or instant expert teams? Consider it done. From bridging expertise gaps quickly and providing lasting engineering expertise to leveraging cutting-edge tech for your product's excellence, we're your power-up.


Kick-off meeting

We dive into your project's goals and needs, exploring how we can work together and find the best engagement approach for you. The goal: to set expectations, agree on details, and ensure top alignment between our teams.

Team setup

You receive a proposal for a team with roles and a tech stack that perfectly fit your project. You'll receive a clear quote based on either Time and Materials or a monthly fixed rate.

Contract signing

We agree on what we'll deliver and how we'll report it. After that, it's just a quick sign-off on the necessary paperwork and statements.

Collaboration launch

We hit the ground running about 30 days post-agreement, seamlessly integrating with your team or working independently, tailored to your preferred engagement style.

Adaptable team sizing

We flex our team size based on your project's actual demands—scaling up or down whenever you need.

The power of support

Beyond project delivery or team augmentation, we stand by you with unwavering help and support, ensuring your team's smooth operation.
What else can
you expect from
Team as a Service?

Team-based approach

Get an expert team laser-focused on your project, effortlessly bridging your internal skills gap.

More than tech experts

Unlock more value with our CPO and CTO services—your strategic partners and advisors, boosting expertise and upsell opportunities.

Europe & LATAM coverage

Forget time zone hassles. Whether you're based in North America or Europe, we sync our team's schedule with yours.

Trusted by enterprise

Go with our proven teams – they've powered success for governments and big businesses!

Familiar faces

Dive into projects with seasoned professionals we've vetted and worked alongside.

Top talent, no turnover

Enjoy custom-fit skills for your project, professionally overseen, without the attrition hassle.

English proficiency

Ensure clear communication for your project success. Our team boasts a minimum of B2 English skills across the board.

Instant availability

Deploy a custom-built team that fits your needs in just 30 days. Don't waste another minute.

Zero dependency

Scale your team up or down, switch skills on demand, and end contracts hassle-free, no penalties attached.

You need
a partner for
the long haul?

Seeking consistent software and engineering assistance? Or require a surge of quality assurance expertise for rapid assignments? We cater to both. Elevate your projects with our dedicated teams and test lab services.

Dedicated Teams

Boost your tech team with cross-border talent in just 4-8 weeks, maintaining control from hiring to management, with no commitments or strings attached.

Discover Dedicated Teams


Get QA teams from contract to action in 24 hours. Choose on-demand talent or managed services for top-notch quality across systems and devices.

Discover TestLab

“The collaboration was so beneficial that we have reorganized our company in such a way that we would outsource all future development activities.“

Steven Hackars,
Product Director, cQuilibrium

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Share your details in the form, tell us about your needs, and we'll get back with the next steps.

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  • 100% transparency from start to finish
  • Scale your team up or down, switch skills on demand, and end contracts hassle-free

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