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Nearshoring vs. Offshoring vs. Onshoring: When, Which and Why?

Building a new digital product is challenging. Be it a mobile solution, an IoT app or a website, you’ll need to handle the development process and run a bu

Pwrteams merges with Questers, growing team to 650+

Strategic acquisition strengthens pwrteams’ footprint, access to talent and ability to build cross-border IT and engineering teams for the customers Nortal

Why You Should Outsource IT Services to Lithuania

Many consider IT outsourcing in Lithuania because it’s a country with many opportunities for international businesses that are looking to stay at the top w

Ukrainian IT Industry During the War

It’s not a secret that the reality of Ukraine as a country shifted tremendously once the war broke out on its full scale in 2022. But what is going on in t

Patrik Vandewalle is handing over the Pwrteams CEO reins to Karel Saurwalt  

Patrik Vandewalle, Co-founder and CEO of pwrteams, the international leader in building cross-border IT organizations, is handing the management of the com

Nortal to Enter Ukrainian and Polish Talent Market

Digital transformation and strategic change company Nortal, the mother company of pwrteams, starts operations in the Ukrainian and Polish market, following

Launching a Long-term Cybersecurity Program in Ukraine

On December 8, 2022, strategic consulting and digital transformation company Nortal, a mother company of pwrteams, established cooperation with the Ivan Fr

Pwrteams Continues Skelia’s Legacy of Building Multi-site Technology Teams

Following the merger of Skelia with digital transformation and strategic change company Nortal earlier in 2022, a new synergy brand “pwrteams” is launched.

Nortal Purchases Simulation Equipment for the Training of Ukrainian Doctors

On November 17, 2022, on World Prematurity Day, Nortal, Skelia’s parent company, purchased simulation equipment for the Department of Pediatrics and Neonat
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