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How Data Science and AI Prediction Help Transform the Travel Industry

Thousands of travelers worldwide prefer to arrange their trips online instead of physically going to a travel agency. This is a fact you can either ignore

AR and VR in E-commerce: Best Practices and Use Cases

Online shoppers can rejoice as technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality are revolutionizing the way we e-shop. With AR and VR in e-commerce, t

MVP Development Do’s and Don’ts: Startup Survival Kit

While many startups begin with a dream in their pocket and a twinkle in their eye, not everyone makes it to the top. Hoping for an easy ride, tons of tech

How to Fail in Outsourcing Your IT Project

Subcontracting success stories are all well and good, but what about all those epic outsourcing disasters that you often hear about? According to industry

Scrum vs Kanban: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you are part of the IT crowd, you probably often get to hear about the ongoing Scrum vs Kanban debate saga. We all would like to find a ‘magic pill’ met

What Makes an IT Service Company Cool

Whether you are a tech geek excited about the latest technology trends and fads, a programming nerd bent on high-quality bug-free coding or a QA ninja wire

5 Outsourcing Tips for Building a Better Business

You may be a rookie start-up founder ready to dive headfirst into subcontracting opportunities or one of the Big Boys well familiar with outsourcing risks

Krakow – BPO Hub in Eastern Europe

For many years Southeast Asia has been the most active player in the field of outsourcing services. Companies from around the globe traditionally extend th

Ukraine – Leading IT Valley in Eastern Europe

While Silicon Valley continues to dominate and prosper as the centre of the technology world, another leading and thriving high tech hotspot located in the
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