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5 Skills Every Software Developer Should Have

Acute intelligence, thick glasses, geeky hobbies and no social life. You think you know them all. But software developers aren’t as stereotypical as we thi

Why Outsource? Top 8 Reasons for IT Outsourcing

There has never been a better time for businesses to outsource software development to an expert third party rather than maintaining in-house provision. Go

Differences between Android and iOS App Testing

Have you ever installed an Android or iOS app on your mobile device and immediately deleted it? All of us faced that moment of disappointment at least once

Why Is It Important To Test Your Mobile Apps? Top 7 Important Reasons

In the current era of sophisticated technology, the average user is tech-savvy and doesn’t excuse any bugs in mobile applications. According to Compuware,

IT Outsourcing Services: Why Poland? – Infographic

In recent years, Poland has become an attractive IT outsourcing destination for foreign companies due to its stable economic environment and open business

IT Outsourcing Services: Why Lviv – Infographic

Lviv – a town of history, a city of discoveries, a metropolis of opportunities… With an exceptional blend of traditions and innovations, Lviv has asserted

IT Outsourcing Services: Why Ukraine? – Infographic

Ukraine is the largest Eastern European country supplying IT outsourcing services all over the world. Over 5 years, its outsourcing sector has been constan

Choosing IT Outsourcing Company: 9 Factors to Consider

Several decades ago, the main driving force behind IT outsourcing was cost reduction. But today’s highly competitive business environment faces new challen

General Overview of Cross-platform Languages

Developing a cross-platform solution is not a simple process. It requires careful consideration of many aspects that are crucially important for successful
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