Dedicated Teams.

Dedicated teams
In just 4-8 weeks, we craft your tech team from our IT talent hubs in Eastern Europe and South America. Tailored recruiting, a risk-free start, zero volume or duration ties, and a 4.3% attrition rate.

Weeks to get started


Employee Attrition Rate

Build a dedicated team
Dedicated teams
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Skip the staffing
risks and fast-
forward to
project triumphs.

Global tech recruitment is a hurdle. Talent scarcity, long hiring cycles, rising costs and skill mismatches cause stress, diverting focus and putting company's image at risk. Managing complex cross-border team logistics comes with its own set of challenges, putting projects and deadlines at even greater risks.

Our fix? Expert cross-
border tech talent

Lean on our +15-year IT team building expertise to streamline your tech hiring journey. We've built 300+ bespoke cross-border teams from hubs in Eastern Europe and South America. We're provide the expertise to become your partner in navigating the challenging global tech talent terrain.

Pwrteams manage everything around the employee lifecycle. From talent sourcing and hiring over legal coverage to payroll services and career development. We are your go-to provider with transparent pricing and no hidden cost. We offer full-scale support to make global hiring smooth, compliant, and stress-free.

Fair pricing, no volume
commitments, and
well-established rules
of engagement.

See top three reasons why companies choose us.


Above-average market
retention rate of 95.7%

Pairing skillsets with the right projects and culture, we create long-lasting teams that get your goals, ensuring winning collaborations every time, for as long as you need.

Your teams, your rules,
our back-office work

You call the shots recruiting and managing. We seamlessly blend engineers into your teams, while taking care of all the essentials, from networking and VoIP to HR and training.

Access to vast talent
hubs to expand
your reach

Our adaptable talent pool is your key to sustained growth, supporting short- and long-term projects. Scale up your tech team as needed, finding precisely what you need for skills, experience, and culture fit.

Take advantage of
expert IT nearshoring

Dedicated Teams built for 70+ clients globally
Experts in Dedicated Team engagements in 5 countries
Tech talent available through the Nortal network
Build a dedicated team
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The power of

What is a Dedicated Team? Imagine an expert tech team chosen and led by you for that flawless fit to turn your visions into brilliance.

These skilled IT pros give your project their all, with a laser focus. You call the shots, guiding them every step of the way. They stick with you, no splitting time with other projects or clients. It's your project, their full-time mission.

The power of

Matching experts to your culture and tools? That's where we shine. This skill kickstarts each new hire with the drive and dedication needed to meet deadlines without the drag.

Once you get teams onboarded, we're on the ball, spotting issues fast and keeping you in the loop. With a record-low 4.3% attrition rate, you've got a dependable, top-tier crew on your side, building strong ties and keeping the momentum going.

More reasons to choose
Dedicated Teams.

Ongoing client support

for seamless team integration and enhanced performance.

Flexibility with trial periods

+ no commitments regarding volume and duration.

Access to multiple talent markets

across the world for greater span and faster, diversified reach.

Tried and tested cost+ model

where the candidate's gross salary expectations are the basis of our flat monthly fee.

100% transparency on all operational costs

with open-book pricing from day one, ensuring no hidden fees and fostering genuine partnerships.
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Choosing Team Augmentation Provider:
2024 Checklist

Selecting a staff augmentation partner can be daunting. Our checklist with 25+ questions will help you gather all the necessary information and narrow your choices down to one.

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Expert teams, no
recruitment hurdles.
Here's how.

Starting anew or leveling up? We're in this together. We'll map out your staffing needs and craft a seamless onboarding experience, so that your new team will feel right at home from day one. Usually, we're set to go in 5 to 8 weeks. See the process behind making it possible.


First consultation

To start, we get to know each other a bit. We also gather role descriptions, requirements, and workflow preferences. This intel helps us curate a candidate lineup tailored just for you.

Talent market research

Next up, we scope out the market for the best recruitment locations to match candidates to your specs, business profile, and needs.

Contract signing

We agree on what we'll deliver and how we'll report it. After that, it's just a quick sign-off on the necessary paperwork and statements.

Recruitment campaign

The headhunt begins. Our dedicated talent acquisition team sifts through candidates, handing you a curated shortlist for each role.

Candidate assessment

We conduct face-to-face or video call interviews to select your preferred candidates who hit all the right notes and are bound to deliver.

Onboarding and integration

We gear up your candidates for hassle-free onboarding. Smooth sailing, no bumps—with our seasoned touch, they'll fit right in and operate seamlessly.

Scale-up and down on demand

Now is your turn. Depending on your current project needs, you can adjust team size whenever you need—that's team flexibility at its finest.

Ready to start?

Build a dedicated team

2024 IT Salaries Guide:
The CEE Region

Align your hiring strategy with the latest market data and regional insights.

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Playbook For Your First 12 Weeks With Pwrteams

Our first 12 weeks
together, as a team

Staff augmentation can feel like stepping into the unknown. That's why we’re leading you through the first 12 weeks of our collaboration, from the first meeting to deploying a reliable team.

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Built for specific

Software Development


QA & Testing


24/7 Operations


AI, BI and Data Science


Cloud and DevOps


Engineering and Automation

Hand-picked for
optimal returns...

1% top talent for specific technologies

We research your QA needs and detail project specifics. Together, we set goals, nail down deadlines, and decide on the testing you need.

95% experts with 3+ years of experience

Experience meets scale in our 2,000-strong talent pool, where 95% have over 3 years' expertise across Europe and LATAM.

Full English proficiency

Top-ranked for English skills, our developers are ideal for companies looking to outsource in a global market.


Prefer short-term

If you are looking for an expert team for a shorter engagement or have a QA-oriented project that needs extra testing power, take a look at our remaining IT augmentation services.

Test Lab

Get QA teams from contract to action in 24 hours. Choose on-demand talent or managed services for top-notch quality across systems and devices.

Discover Test Lab

Team as a Service

How do great ideas become reality, fast? With top-rated experts and seamless project delivery. Skip hiring process, and work on your terms and timelines.

Discover Team as a Service

“It's not a 'client-supplier' kind of cooperation we have, it's more like a partnership. I think we've grown together on this partnership.”

Kristof Caekebeke,
Chief Information Officer at TUI

Let's build your
expert team!

Share your details in the form, tell us about your needs, and we'll get back with the next steps.

  • Build a stable team with a 95.7% retention rate.
  • Boost project agility and scalability with quality intact.
  • Forget lock-ins, exit fees, or volume commitments.

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