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Pwrteams unveils new brand identity and Questers becomes Pwrteams

We are excited to unveil a significant evolution in our brand identity focusing on the core of Pwrteams: The power of together. Launching the new Pwrteams brand identity also marks the date of completing integration of Questers by re-branding into Pwrteams.

Beyond the Staff Turnover: Tap the Benefits of Low Attrition with Dedicated Teams

Consider this: hiring a new employee costs a company 3-4 times their annual salary. The significant figure emphasizes a crucial reality: retaining talent i

Get Your Remote Team Together. 5 Tips to Collaborate Efficiently in Different Time Zones

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global workforce shifted toward remote work to navigate unprecedented challenges. As the dust settles, organizati

Expert Staff Augmentation: Navigating Economic Uncertainties with Flexibility and Resilience

What are your thoughts on the financial outlook as the year kicks off? As we enter 2024, the economic landscape unfolds with a blend of challenges and oppo

Innovate or Stagnate: Your 2024 Roadmap to IT Staffing and Outsourcing Trends

A glance at 2024 IT staffing and outsourcing trend articles reveals a repetitive stream of clichéd statements – from “remote work” to “building stronger re

Transforming Your Team With IT Staff Augmentation in CEE Countries

Close your eyes for a moment and think about your favorite lore featuring epic quests, potent opponents, and eternal struggles between opposing forces. How

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring vs. Onshoring: When, Which and Why?

Building a new digital product is challenging. Be it a mobile solution, an IoT app or a website, you’ll need to handle the development process and run a bu

Why You Should Outsource IT Services to Lithuania

Many consider IT outsourcing in Lithuania because it’s a country with many opportunities for international businesses that are looking to stay at the top w

Ukrainian IT Industry During the War

It’s not a secret that the reality of Ukraine as a country shifted tremendously once the war broke out on its full scale in 2022. But what is going on in t
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