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Mission Possible: Hiring PMs in Bulgaria

In recent years, Project Management profession has gained popularity not only in Bulgaria, but also globally. Surprisingly or not, locally, there's a wide range of perspectives on what it means to be a project manager.

International Girls in ICT Day: Insights from Gergana Dobrikova, Team Lead

Happy International Girls in ICT Day! Today we celebrate the incredible achievements of women in the tech sector and encourage the young girls to pursue a career in this exciting field. To mark this special occasion, we invited Gergana Dobrikova, Team Lead at News UK’s team at Pwrteams, to join us with a fascinating interview. We can say a lot about her: she's an innovator in the tech world and an inspiration to women who want to build successful careers.

Tool for Vulnerability Checks in Golang

November 10 marks the 13th anniversary of the first release of Golang. To celebrate the occasion, we invited our colleague Rostislav Bagrov, Senior Machine Learning Engineer in the News UK Tech team at Pwrteams, to share his observations on one of the newest tools introduced in the language – “govulncheck”. Check out what he shared: 

Pwrteams accelerates the strategic expansion of News UK

Pwrteams accelerates the strategic expansion plans to Sofia of News UK, the group behind some of the most powerful media brands in the English-speaking world, such as The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times.

Exploring the Bulgarian IT Sector: Location, economy, talent pool and gender balance

Are you interested in expanding abroad your tech team but not sure where to start? There is no need to worry. People often have a lot of questions when it comes to the topic of growing a company's technological capacity. Which country is the most cost-effective for near- and offshore software engineering? And how wide is the range of opportunities that different countries could offer? And yes, these questions could be the tip of the iceberg. To help you make an informed decision, we will take a detailed look at the latest data about Bulgaria.

A day in the life of a Clojure Engineer at Funding Circle team at Pwrteams

What’s it like to work as a Clojure Engineer at the Funding Circle team at Pwrteams? To find out, we asked our colleague Dimitar Yoldov who has been part of the team for more than a year now and was eager to share some details about his workday and the challenges he is facing.

It’s Christmas, let’s talk about Ruby

Just before the new 3.1 release of Ruby around Christmas, we would like to celebrate the anniversary of its first public release back in 1995. To do so, we invited one of our Ruby masters - Aleksandar Ivanov from the Funding Circle team, to share what he likes about the language and how he sees its advantages compared to other programming languages

A Guide to Onboarding a Remote Dedicated Team

The dedicated team model is a comprehensive way to expand an organisation’s tech capacity and increase productivity. However, establishing one requires some thought and consideration. Some of the most crucial moments are the onboarding process of the remote team and the establishment of a good work environment and processes.

We Receive Clutch Global Best 1000 B2B Award 2020

On December 4th, our company was named among the best 1000 B2B companies recognized by Clutch. We are happy and honored to be appreciated by the profession
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