All You Need To Know About Team Augmentation In Poland

Published on July 22, 2021
All You Need To Know About Team Augmentation In Poland

There are a lot of factors that may influence the success of the outsourced project. These include the technical expertise of the offshore developers, their experience in the customer’s business niche, competent project management, and the right development methodology.

Most enterprises choose Central and Eastern Europe because they have established themselves as the best region for staff augmentation. Many experienced IT professionals live in three countries: Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Poland is one of the places with the most significant IT talent pool, and it’s also a research and development center for business giants like Google and Microsoft. But is it the right country to outsource software development and hire IT specialists?


Liubov Rudnieva,
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Why Should You Choose Poland for Team Augmentation?

Polish software developers have extensive experience in technology and can help build digital transformation for any global company.

Based on various sources, today, almost 250,000 programmers work and live in Poland. Also, according to research from Stack Overflow, the number of software engineers in Europe is close to 1 million.

Since the Polish IT sector is mainly focused on international projects, 33% of specialists work in companies with Polish capital, while the remaining 65% work with foreign clients.

Moreover, if you want to choose a staff augmentation service in Poland, you will have more opportunities to organize business trips since the country has 18 airports.

Some interesting facts:

  • According to New York Times data, about 39% of polish developers between the ages of 25 and 34 have a higher education.
  • In addition, this country is ranked 9th in the Tholons 100 Best Outsourcing Destinations.
  • Every year, the IT market in Poland receives about 14,000 IT graduates. This helps to maintain constant progress in software development in the Polish market.

TopBenefits of Staff Augmentation

Polish remote work culture, good Internet access, vast experience in technology, and software skills are pretty attractive from a business point of view.

Also, in Poland, the cost of software development is much lower than, for example, in Western Europe. Let’s look at the key advantages of working with software developers from this country. Watch the videos how setting up dedicated IT and Engineering teams in Poland helped global businesses to cut off expenses and accelerate their time-to-market:

Extensive experience and knowledge

Thanks to their high level skills and experience, Polish programmers easily cope with such tasks as Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, and others.

What’s more, development teams are focused on leveraging the latest tools, technologies, and practices to benefit their customers.

Higher level of education

Poland is known for its high level of education. Students from all over the world move to Poland to study at local universities. Educational institutions are careful to ensure that young software professionals can get new skills and train with local leaders.

Also, thanks to the increased focus on science, technology, and mathematics, the software development market in Poland is overgrowing. Therefore, you can easily find qualified people and assemble a team of the right specialists.

Favorable time zone

Any project needs to have the necessary communications. Therefore, for many European companies, the Polish time zone is very beneficial. They can use communication tools like Hangouts or Slack without time lag to get instant results.


A considerable benefit of Poland is its location. Thanks to this, companies from Germany or Great Britain can easily cooperate with Polish teams since the time difference will be only one hour. Also, organizations from the US can get a good advantage. Despite the time difference of 9 hours, the software development team from Poland will be able to submit completed tasks at the beginning of the day at your time.

High level of security

Since Poland is a European Union member, it complies with all information technology and data security regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you work with a Polish staff augmentation company, you can be sure that your data is in good hands.


Polish specialists speak English very well. In this way, you can easily avoid the language barrier.

High professional culture

The Polish team of software developers has vast experience in practices and methodologies. The companies often use a flexible SCRUM environment, so your project will be well organized. In addition, Poland has a high professional culture and makes cooperation smoother.

Software Engineering in Poland: Major IT Hubs

Did you know that there are five main IT hubs in Poland? This includes Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Tri-City. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.




IT Outsourcing Center in Warsaw

Warsaw has one strong side – experienced developers. Polish specialists often occupy leading positions in world rankings, and Poland has many research and development centers from various international tech giants such as Amazon and Uber. Also, the city has about 85,000 IT professionals and a well-developed infrastructure that attracts US and Western European companies.

Krakow and IT outsourcing

Krakow keeps up with Warsaw in offering lots of jobs. It’s famous for the quality of software engineers and an attractive place for companies looking to outsource software development in Poland.

Moreover, the city has the best universities, such as the Tadeusz Kosciuszko University of Technology and the Jagiellonian University. Many of the graduates aspire to work at large technology organizations such as IBM or Cisco.

IT outsourcing in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one of the most popular IT centers in Poland. Since the city has many colleges, research centers, and various developments, it can provide many innovative solutions.

At the moment, there are more than 46,500 jobs in Wroclaw. The city has 169 business centers and is known for collaborating with local universities, resulting in many professionals each year.

IT outsourcing in Poznan

Based on Financial Times data, Poznan ranks third in the list of “cities for business.” Due to its position, the city is quite attractive for investors who want to start their own business. Poznan provides highly qualified specialists, has 100 R&D centers, and an excellent customer market.

Tri-City for Outsourcing Software Development

Tri-City (the combined area of ​​Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot) provides complete access to a pool of qualified specialists. Almost 90 thousand students study at universities. Therefore, the demand for organizations is growing faster than the number of employees available.
Also, the city has numerous modern office spaces and receives nearly 20,000 graduates annually, contributing to the Polish software development industry.

Staff Augmentation in Poland With pwrteams

The core of pwrteams’s business model is to build stable long-term dedicated IT and Engineering teams for clients. As an example of our commitment to client’s success, we allow our clients to relocate their dedicated team members and hire them and add them to payroll, or, if needed, acquire the team as an affiliate company in Eastern Europe.

As an IT Staff Augmentation partner, we work as a boutique staffing agency, interviewing and selecting the best of the best IT experts and engineers on your behalf. We pay a decent amount of attention not only to skills and expertise, but also to the cultural match of all candidates with other teammates, your corporate culture and the growth ambition of your business. It allows us to keep your dedicated team highly engaged and motivated while working with you in the future.

We also provide all necessary support and infrastructure: networking, VoIP, dedicated facilities, HR support, training, and other services as needed. So you need not worry about any administrative issues and can focus on your core business functions.

Our collaboration process includes:

pwrteams is committed to providing direct communication between each customer and the required team members. English is used as the default language.

  • Specification of required skills, experience, and profile before the intake process;
  • Interviews with shortlisted candidates during the intake process (before their recruitment);
  • Training of new pwrteams team members, ideally at the client’s location;
  • Direct operational interaction between the client’s and the pwrteams’ team members;
  • Use of VoIP, Skype, or other conferencing facilities, and individual email addresses.

The pwrteams team knows how to take a structured and proven approach, whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding a well-established corporate empire. Together, we identify your human capital needs and then also specify the supporting infrastructure our team can put in place so your newly recruited employees feel right at home from day one. On average, it takes around 5 to 8 weeks to hire a dedicated development team and start operations.

Avail Yourself of the Best Specialists With Us

As you can see, Poland is one of the most attractive countries for team augmentation services. Polish specialists can easily combine their skills with a flexible approach and partner with well-known corporations and start-ups. Companies from all over the world come to Poland for various reasons, but one of them is the excellent talent of young developers.

If you would like to hire a Polish engineering team or need several specialists for your project, contact us now. Our team is always ready to help with the hiring process –

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