Why Choose Staff Augmentation in Ukraine? Top Reasons Explained

Published on November 30, 2020
Why Choose Staff Augmentation in Ukraine? Top Reasons Explained

There are a lot of ways to develop your project – from 100% outsourcing to doing everything in-house. However, there is an even more flexible approach that allows you to competently manage your team, solve urgent tasks by attracting specific specialists while avoiding extra spendings, and focus on core business operations. Staff augmentation.

In this article, we are going to tell you what it is and the main reasons to consider team augmentation in Ukraine to streamline your project development.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

There is no unified definition. Some experts consider it to be one of the possible outsourcing models, while others claim that this is a stand-alone approach to staffing and talent recruiting.

To put it simply, team augmentation is a process of complementing your in-house team with specific remote specialists whose help, knowledge, and expertise are needed at a certain stage of project development. In practice, this approach turns out to be more flexible compared to traditional outsourcing because of its operation-effective benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Staff Augmentation in Ukraine? 

It is a good choice for flexible projects developed according to Agile methodology since this way of staffing perfectly meets the core Agile principles of continued delivery of the highest-end products to make the customer satisfied.

So, here are the main benefits of this model:

  • Go beyond local talents.

    When you are hiring locally to gather more specialists under your roof, you get better opportunities for staying in touch with your team, however, you can’t reach out to the talents outside of your location. Team augmentation allows you to choose from the global talent pool and find the most suitable specialists.

  • Avoid hidden costs.

    As a part of team augmentation services at pwrteams, you get transparent reporting and payment disclosure regarding the hiring costs, payroll, and taxation.

  • Meet project deadlines.

    When there is an urgent need for a specific talent, there is no time for long searches. In this case, such a model becomes the best and sometimes the only option to fill in the talent gap quickly and meet deadlines.

  • Manage your team in the way you want.

    You and your in-house team may directly communicate and assign tasks to the temporary employee following established practices in your company. There are no more intermediaries between you. 

  • Compared to outsourcing, staff augmentation is better for team building.

    Even though the augmented staff is hired for a certain period of time and is remote, there is still the feeling of belonging to the team. 

What’s more, your team augmentation destination matters for the efficiency of your venture as well. If it is combined with a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model we can help you with, building a new nearshore company becomes easy and risk-free.

Let’s consider Ukraine as the main dot on the map since this country has something unique to offer in terms of tech solutions development. 

Staff Augmentation in Ukraine – 5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Team With Ukrainian Specialists

Every year the Ukrainian IT industry increases its value by 26%. This is not surprising, since a huge number of American and European companies consider this country ideal both in terms of business development and for hiring high-quality specialists.

They are absolutely right, and here’s why:

  1. Ukraine Is Teeming With Tech and Creative Talents

    According to the experts, there are 220,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. Nearly half are software developers, and the second half counts for related specialties, for example, Quality Assurance specialists, marketers, business analytics, researchers, designers, and others. 

  2. Staff Augmentation in Ukraine Is Cost-Effective

    Strengthening your team with Ukrainian IT specialists also makes sense when you need to stay within the limits of your budget but can’t afford to risk the quality of your project. Tech talents from Ukraine are able to offer the perfect combination of high-end expertise at quite a reasonable price. 

    Let’s compare. The average annual salary of American programmers is $75,000, while this figure is $25,000 if you hire specialists from Ukraine. The difference is significant so this is a good option to choose when you need to hire a short-term employee and save some money. 

  3. Ukrainian IT Specialists Have Experience in Dealing With Foreign Customers

    Sixty percent of Ukrainian tech specialists work according to the outsourcing model, that is, they work on the creation of foreign projects in Ukraine. That is why they are well-versed in software development best practices, innovative technologies, business processes, target audience specifics, and mentality of foreign customers. A cooperation with Ukrainian IT workers is seamless, pleasant, and effective for your business. 

  4. You Will Find It Easy to Manage Your Staff Augmented From Ukraine

    You can have complete control over your team and communicate directly with its members, including those who work remotely with you.

    When this process is organized by a competent vendor, you will not face difficulties due to differences in mentality, language barriers, and different time zones. Thus, you manage your project according to your personal vision, as well as accept responsibility for the result.

  5. Ukrainian Staff Augmentation Services Are Easily Accessible

    While Ukraine is full of top tech talents, there are also 1600 IT service companies that can help you to connect with the specialists you need. For several years in a row, Ukraine is a leading outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe, and that is why Ukrainian IT companies have long followed best industry practices.

    The only task remaining is to clarify what problem of your project you want to solve with the help of IT team extension and contact a reliable vendor in Ukraine.

IT Staff Augmentation in Ukraine. Success Stories


Staff augmentation is the right way to go if you need to quickly resolve a pressing task and need help from specific specialists. Staff augmentation in Ukraine makes even more sense since this is the best match of cost-efficiency and delivered results. 

pwrteams is a leading company providing top-notch, dedicated team organization services according to the specific tasks of your project. Let’s get in touch right now to discuss how we can serve you! 

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