2024 IT Salaries Guide The CEE Region

Pwrteams_2024_IT Salaries Guide

Understand the costs of hiring in Central and Eastern Europe

Pwrteams_2024_IT Salaries Guide

Determining IT salaries just got easier!

Dive into our breakdown of IT specialists’ salaries across Bulgaria, Poland, and Ukraine. Uncover insights into the full costs of hiring, including taxes, benefits, and indirect expenses for:

  • Java Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer & more!

What will you
find inside?

  • Detailed salary benchmarks for 15 IT positions & 4 seniority levels.
  • Full costs of hiring, including taxes, benefits, and indirect expenses.
  • Salaries in EUR, USD & GBP to simplify financial planning and comparison.
  • Based on Q4 2023 data on salary benchmarks and hiring trends.
IT Salaries Guide Details
Salary ranges

Java/Kotlin Developer

Unlock the potential of Java/Kotlin developers for advanced feature integration and code optimization.

Mid-level developers' total employment costs in Bulgaria start from €3,564, scaling up to €8,110 for seasoned seniors.


Android/iOS Developer

Are you thinking about launching a mobile app to extend your business idea? Look no further!

In Poland, hiring mid-tier Android/iOS talent can cost from €3,892, while seasoned professionals may reach up to €8,757.


Angular/React Developer

Smooth user interfaces and high-performing features is the core of what Angular/React Developers excel in.

For experts in Ukraine, employer costs begin at €2,408 for mid-levels, rising to €7,142 for highly experienced seniors.

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