We Won the Most Reviewed Company Award for Staffing and HR Service in Ukraine

Published on September 23, 2021
We Won the Most Reviewed Company Award for Staffing and HR Service in Ukraine

In September 2021, Our company was recognized among the top Recommended Ukrainian Staffing, and HR Service Provides by the business news and how-to website, The Manifest. The company was honoured to get the 6th position in the global rating in the Staffing category and the 9th position in the HR domain.

The Most Reviewed Company Award on The Manifest features the 15 companies on each directory page that have received the newest reviews in the past 12 months at B2B review platform Clutch. All Ukrainian companies highlighted in the Manifest rating are proven to be trustworthy in their domain, the way they communicate with clients, and the way they build their teams. 

Our company is proud to be included in the list of top staffing and HR providers. Staffing and HR processes have the most significant importance for our business as we always strive to attract Top 1% of Ukrainian engineering talent and create a supreme Employee Journey Experience.

All our corporate processes are aimed to create a unique customer experience. We have developed unique Staffing and HR practices that allow us to build happy and motivated dedicated teams for our clients. That allows us to craft a genuine stable long-term cooperation. For example, our first three enterprise clients are still cooperating with us, and it’s already been more than 10 years! We’re happy that our clients value our service and are willing to strive even higher!

Andriy Yakymiv, VP of Operations, pwrteams

About Manifest

The Manifest presents itself as a tour guide for businesses and monitors client reviews to recommend the best service providers across different niches. The company announces annual lists of the top providers in different locations categorized by different areas of expertise: HR, recruiting, consulting, etc.

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