We Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership with Microsoft

We celebrate our tenth consecutive year as a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner program. We continuously contribute to the development of Microsoft community and prove the highest competence in the development of software solutions with Microsoft technologies.

Gold status is the highest certification level given to companies that demonstrate exceptional results and have proven capabilities within a specific solution area. Our background, competency, and expertise were closely examined and industry-recognized.

Andriy Yakymiv

Microsoft’s Gold status proves our commitment to the highest standards and shows that a lot of our employees have first-class knowledge and skills in the core Microsoft technologies. We are proud of the ongoing recognition and see this partnership as a rewarding opportunity.

Andriy Yakymiv,VP of Operations

Microsoft is known for its well-established partnership opportunities and global partner events. We share their attitude and believe in building connections with industry leaders. It’s through partnerships like that we gain new perspectives and get new resources for our company’s growth. Happy to continue doing our bit in building a future of shared possibilities with Microsoft.

About Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network provides companies throughout the globe with exclusive resources, insights, and tools to help them streamline their operation, gain new knowledge, and grow new connections.

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pwrteamsis a software development company that offers a full cycle of development and testing. One of our major focuses is a competitive field of mobile ecommerce.

pwrteams also dedicated to finding the best tech talents and putting their expertise into the most profitable use, for all parties included. The company builds stable dedicated teams and provides them with ongoing management and support.

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We build your IT organizations in Eastern Europe, in the Baltics, and Balkan countries. We stand out for the talent of our people, team stability and and 100% transparent business model.

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