IT Outsourcing Services: Why Poland? – Infographic

In recent years, Poland has become an attractive IT outsourcing destination for foreign companies due to its stable economic environment and open business culture. The rise of Poland as a top outsourcing destination for complex IT projects was fueled by sustainable investment in education, especially its technological field. Now, the Polish IT market is annually reinforced by more than 13,000 IT graduates from over 500 universities.

Polish human capital is acknowledged as efficient, highly skilled, and cost-effective employees, with the Western mentality highly compatible with multinational IT companies. Excellent communication skills and the ability to cooperate with international teams are key skills typically associated with Polish workers. Additionally, a winning geographical location of Poland and its comprehensive transport infrastructure introduce favourable outsourcing conditions comparing to other offshore outsourcing locations. All this facilitates further growth of the IT outsourcing segment in Poland ensuring its successful competition on a global market.

Find below a new infographic from pwrteams that can tell you more about the IT outsourcing market in Poland. Check it out to get the latest data.


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