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The Background

Almost right after its start, Human+ set up a collaboration with Pwrteams. The company needed to quickly scale its delivery capacity with a team of RPA consultants. Human+ rapidly gained an increasing number of RPA clients and looked into delivery models that would allow them to scale up swiftly and down their resource base depending on the workload.

The company implemented an agile off-and-on-site delivery approach, using market-leading RPA solutions such as BluePrism and BluePrism Cloud

Strategic Partnership

Pwrteams has over 13 years of experience building and managing dedicated teams. Based on its experience with efficient near-shore servicing, Pwrteams structured the recruitment, remote workflow and delivery process for Human+ in a matter of weeks.

The Sofia office, assisted by specific feedback from the client, was able to select and attract the brightest RPA consultants and build a complete RPA team. Training, certification, and best practices were implemented to kick-start project delivery.

Within the first two months of its inception, the Pwrteams-based RPA successfully responded to the increased demand for resources while ensuring the required flexibility regarding the workflow volume.

The Results

Pwrteams RPA team proved committed, productive and adaptive to the changing project priorities of Human+. The Sofia RPA team significantly increased the company’s capacity to rapidly deliver process automation projects to UK based clients - both in the public sectors, as well as to clients in finance, insurance and enterprise.

“We started Human+ with a super-charged business plan that required quick but extremely reliable delivery of the most challenging RPA projects. I am pleased that our partner Pwrteams was able to provide the professional capacity that allowed us to do this quickly.”
David Biden
CEO & Co-Founder, Human+

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