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The Background

Peopleship is an independent HR organization driven by business simulation and innovation. The company offers unique, innovative solutions that help companies boost their employer brand and enhance employee experience.

The platform provides dynamic dashboards, so you can gather real-time insights into the experiences and needs of the talents and build meaningful relations both with your current and future employees. Measuring and adjusting the experience and insights of job seekers and making them ambassadors for the employer brand is a core strength of the platform.

In addition, Peopleship provides key benefits such as:

  • Live: a unique combination of live tracking and live data

  • Moments of truth: measuring, knowing and monitoring when perceptions are formed in experiences

  • User friendly: clear visualizations that make the work easier and allow you to analyze and make improvements 

The Challenge

As the next step in the development of their HR solution, Peopleship planned to create an entirely new platform, including a web application for their back office and reporting to their clients and a web application and mobile app for job applicants and employees to provide their feedback. The platform needed to be built in a flexible and expandable manner since the business itself was new and not 100% defined yet.

We provided the client with the best value-for-money offer in comparison with other local companies, and was chosen as a software development partner for this new project. The Peopleship team created the initial design (data model), and next, our team completed the whole development at various stages. Also, the client wanted to develop everything on Azure. In this way, we used Azure SQL database, .Net, C# backend and React frontend.

First stage:

  • Development of back-office web app

  • API and frontend

Second stage:

  • Mobile app development

  • API and Xamarin for the mobile

Third stage:

  • Web app, using API developed for mobile with React frontend

  • Implementing multilingual support for both website and survey

  • Integration of interactive Power BI dashboards in website. So users can easily access in real time the dynamic survey results.

Peopleship asked for many changes in the project’s capacity and functionality, and our specialists did their best. As a result, the client got a fully configurable solution in place, which allowed them to quickly ramp up a new service offering, adding a B2C solution to their existing B2B offering.

Strategic Partnership

Since the project involved a fixed budget and scope of work, Pwrteams formed the team in the shortest possible term to meet the requirements within these specifications. We started with an iterative process – a mix of Scrum methodology with regular demos and sprint reviews. Later, it evolved into a Kanban-like process when people picked up urgent tasks and started working on them.

We took essential software product development steps – architecture solutions, project management, development and testing. We engaged 4-5 people on our side (it included frontend, mobile and backend developers) for around three months, and two months later, we finished with two specialists to round up and followed by a maintenance phase where we had one full stack developer. The rest of the team consisted of senior software developers.

The Results

As a result, we have built a new Peopleship app with complete infrastructure and system within Azure that consists of:

  • Backend powered by Azure Functions

  • A web application and mobile app for job applicants and employees to provide their feedback

  • A web application for a back office

  • CI/CD pipelines to facilitate the whole system as well

The application’s business value lies in satisfying the customers’ requests for collecting feedback from candidates without the need for any additional development. Management receives valuable insights with handy dashboards on improving their organization and boosting their employer brand.

“Being flexible is a real virtue of their company. On our end, we requested plenty of alterations as the project proceeded in terms of both functionality and capacity, but they never failed to deliver for us. They have a development team which takes the initiative and is always standing by to assist. This held true even after we scaled down our team to go into maintenance mode.”
Werner Huysmans
CTO, Peopleship

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