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The Background

Showpad is on a mission to help sellers sell the way buyers want to buy. For over a decade, the company has been unleashing groundbreaking sales enablement tools, making it easy for sales and marketing teams to deliver the right content and experiences to their buyers. Their goal is to transform sellers into trusted advisors. The recent Showpad platform integrates industry-leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions to help clients’ teams beat their quarterly quotas. 

The Challenge

Showpad as a sales enablement iOS application, focusing on mobile content distribution. Within a few years, the company also released an Android app, web app and Windows app.

In order to safeguard—and further improve—the product’s high level of quality within its existing and future releases, Showpad sought and ultimately found a long-term QA partner with our TestLab team. Since 2011, the two companies have maintained a strong and fruitful relationship. When asked if there was anything he’d like for us to improve, Showpad’s Engineering Program Director stated “They ask me that question every six months, and to be honest, we’ve been satisfied with their services. The fact that I can’t come up with anything is significant”.

Strategic Partnership

During the initial stages of cooperation, Showpad chose our extremely flexible Time and Material model, which meant they could work with our QAs on an as-needed basis.

However, after noticing a significant increase in the product’s overall quality while working with the TestLab team, Showpad decided to expand their commitment to quality assurance and thus formed a Dedicated QA Team at Pwrteams.

Today, our team leverages both manual and automation testing capabilities to support the entire QA cycle. For Showpad’s specific needs, this usually requires around nine QA professionals from our side, but the number varies depending on the workload. The QA testers work as a cohesive extension of Showpad’s team with their own dedicated email addresses and direct access to all the systems that Showpad’s internal engineers have.

When collaborating with Pwrteams, Showpad pays no management overhead due to the direct relationship they have with the engineers.

Overall, Pwrteams’ team solves all possible QA tasks: test planning, test design, API testing and automation, UI web automation (TestCafe mostly and Selenium), UI iOS native automation, and regression testing, among many others.

As the partnership in the QA area continues to run smoothly, the client decided to broaden our cooperation and addressed our Mobile Lab. Since 2021, we have started to work on the support of their mobile app and the development of new features. We are responsible for the Android architecture part and integration within other ecosystem tools.

The Results

As of 2020, Pwrteams and Showpad have enjoyed nine years of tight and effective collaboration—and they are still counting! Over the years, we have helped Showpad maintain remarkable, high-quality products. This enables Showpad to more quickly launch new features for its clients and gain even larger market shares.

For Showpad, our team was the missing piece of the puzzle they needed. To quote the Engineering Program Director for Showpad, “We work with them because they provide great candidates and engineers for the roles we can’t fill in our local market. The selection of those candidates is made in a similar way we do internally.”

“Their skilled team and efficient workflow has led to continued engagement. They fit as part of the internal team. Their proactiveness is noteworthy. They’re flexible, communicative, and insightful. They’ve proven that they deliver quality work and that helps us to gain new leadership positions on the market.”
Chris De Mol
Engineering Operations Director, Showpad

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