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The Background

IMD Business School is a top-ranked business school that is an expert in developing leaders, transforming organizations, and creating immediate and long-term positive impacts. IMD serves over 8000 Executives from 98 different countries and 120 global companies chose IMD for their customized programs. IMD has over 100,000 Alumni Members. IMD is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and Singapore.

The Challenge

In 2011, IMD had a growing portfolio of projects from iPad applications to delivering modern web applications for our executives. Naturally, to accomplish this, there was a need to expand the existing development team to cope with this high demand. The requirement was to get this done at a reasonably reduced rate while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Strategic Partnership

After exploring different options to our business situation, we selected Pwrteams as this offered the flexibility to find the right team members and create a proper extended dedicated team environment. We started with recruiting a small team of three members. They travelled to Lausanne, Switzerland where they took part in the team onboarding process and understanding the team culture. This adaptation and onboarding were remarkably easy. Our approach to involve Sofia team members on the key projects was to structure the delivery with Project Managers based in Lausanne.

This worked out extremely well as the technical team in Sofia could focus on delivering the solution. The team had a dedicated office space, scrum area fully equipped with video conferencing systems to ensure uninterrupted collaboration with Project Managers and other Developers back in Switzerland. By 2013, the team had expanded to 12 team members working on three different project streams and delivering business value using Agile methodology. The team consisted of .NET Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Mobile Application Developers.

The Results

The team has been very professional, extremely committed and always remained adaptive to the ever-changing business project priorities and challenges. This team also contributed to the enhancement of the Project Management methodology.

Collaboration with Questers has been successful because they have an excellent network to help us rapidly assess and find the appropriate talented resources.

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