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The Background

 Our client is a Belgian subsidiary of a global travel group that allows travelers to link all the pieces of their vacations, from flight to hotel room, to local transport, to tours, and even meals. To ensure high-quality one-stop shopping experience for more than 19 million annual customers, the company operates:

The Challenge

With hundreds of subsidiaries from various business domains in different countries, information exchange in the tourism business is often inefficient Our client needed a system that would gather information from all corporate and partner sources, update, and present it to users (both internal and external) based on business rules. The solution had to speed up information exchange inside the company and become an instrument for accessing travel-related information across all businesses of the company in real-time. This information included available rooms, facilities, location, weather, climate, images, and more.

Strategic Partnership

The Pwrteams team built a dedicated team for the client that consisted of 12 specialists, including:

  • Release managers

  • Scala developers

  • Manual/automation QA engineers

The team has been working for 6 years, showing a remarkably low retention rate of not more than 5%. pwrteams’s experts provided development, implementation, consulting, maintenance, and 24/7 support services. Through constant improvement supported by the ITIL best practices, pwrteams also assisted in building standardized, consolidated, and optimized delivery processes.

The Results

Pwrteams created a new API system that simplified gathering, updating, merging, and sending travel information. We helped our client achieve the following: 

  • Automated receiving and sending of travel information
  • Users can now configure various criteria to see the accommodations that meet their demands
  • Travel information can now be scheduled and provided via special REST calls anytime
  • Tools to find, view, and update accommodation information according to user role permissions
  • Data monitoring and reporting
  • Integration services to aggregate and transfer data between different data sources and users
  • Updating accommodation locations along with the weather and climate information
“I express my thanks for a great piece of work in delivering the content and trip advisor solution for us. It’s had many challenges, but your attitude and commitment have been brilliant in enabling us to deliver the new solution and have overcome all the obstacles in our way. You have done fantastic to work with and look forward to working with you in the future.”
Operations Manager

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