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The Background

c-Quilibrium is a Belgian FinTech company providing innovative cash supply chain optimization solutions to banks in Europe, Africa and Latin America. The company offers front-end cashpoint (ATMs, recyclers, retailer shops, branches, buffer stocks, etc) as well as back-end (cash centers) management services. In addition, c-Quilibrium helps with comprehensive integration solutions out of the box. Having worked for over 20 years in the financial sector, c-Quilibrium is a pioneer in the Belgian FinTech industry. Over the years, the company has managed to build a remarkable customer portfolio of renowned names all across Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The Challenge

Remarkable growth of c-Quilibrium led to the need to scale the software development team. At this point, the company decided to extend their in-house team. After examining several companies, c-Quilibrium found Pwrteams unique extended enterprise model. It was the cooperation the company was looking for. We offered a professional development team that would work exclusively for c-Quilibrium. On top of that, we offered the ability to scale and reasonable pricing. According to c-Quilibrium Product and Delivery Director, there are mainly three qualities that they all identified with Pwrteams but couldn’t find with any other partners:

  • A professional team of experts in the technology stack and industry.

  • Outstanding dedication, customer-centric mindset, and the willingness to study the client’s domain.

  • A united team with strong communication skills.

Ever since the two companies sparked a partnership in January 2018, Pwrteams has evolved from being just an ad-hoc partner to becoming c-Quilibrium’s constant and strategic partner.

Strategic Partnership

We started our test collaboration with two software developers. Once c-Quilibrium made sure that the collaboration was flawless, they reorganized their company to ultimately outsource all their future development projects with us. Our first task was to design and develop the application, presentation, and data layers of c-Quilibrium’s software. We offered the technology stack that included the SQL Server for database design and the .NET with C# for application and presentation layers. c-Quilibrium’s typical architecture for UI is based on MVC patterns. They utilize ASP.NET Razor on the front-end, and part of their architecture is microkernel-oriented. After the successful proof of concept, c-Quilibrium started outsourcing all development processes to Pwrteams. Currently, there are three teams working for c-Quilibrium:

  • Enterprise Team (2 Developers and a Database Engineer) responsible for core product development and maintenance.
  • Technical Support Team (2 DevOps Engineers) offering first level of user support and SaaS as an alternative to classic on-premise installation.
  • Innovation Team (2 Senior Software Developers) developing brand new product features and business solutions.
  • QA Service center (1 QA specialist)
We’ve set up transparent and constant communication via Microsoft Teams. On average, c-Quilibrium’s Belgian team has 4–5 hours of direct communication with our team each day. To quote the Product and Delivery Director of c-Quilibrium, Steven Hackars, “It’s as if they’re just next door and we have a strong bond that’s grown organically because of the perfect communication.”

The Results

Our team has been delivering according to c-Quilibrium’s projections and estimates. Despite the recent redevelopment of a core platform feature, Pwrteams ensures that c-Quilibrium stays 25% below the budget. Moreover, we take a proactive approach in keeping fruitful relationships with c-Quilibrium’s customers and ensure our collaboration is productive on both ends.

“The team has never missed a deadline. Yet, their efficiency and punctuality don’t compromise the quality! Our collaboration with them has been perfect and there’s nothing I wish they could improve. What I wish for is to have engaged with them earlier.”
Steven Hackars
Founder and Product and Delivery Director of c-Quilibrium

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