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The Background

MARCH is a property technology (“prop-tech”) start-up that interrupts the classic real estate model by enforcing the human factor with transparency and technology. They help from the initial search up to the relocation of a business. They look at a company’s profile, understand its real estate needs and then match the company with the best location.

 MARCH uses artificial intelligence to detect patterns in the current locations of companies and uses these patterns to predict with algorithms which user would be best in a certain location. In this way, potential users will be contacted in a personal way. As a result, renting or selling commercial real estate will be easier and more efficient.

 In addition, there are critical moments for real estate professionals, owners, and developers that MARCH offers help with. They include the following:

  • During active prospecting of spaces that can be developed or re-developed

  • When renting an already-developed property

  • When selling an integrally let property to its final owner

  • During the purchase of a property

The Challenge

The company needed various tools and apps to make MARCH’s work more efficient.

  • An internal tool that would use predictive machine learning algorithms to help the company match the supply of commercial real estate and demand.

  • A Web application that efficiently consumed Open Geo Data and CRM data.

  • A user interface capable of real-time filtering of big geodata sets.

  • A matching engine suggested organizations that needed a property.

Strategic Partnership

At Pwrteams, we provided the client with one expert full stack developer with the right skills and experience to build their AI tool and other applications. Being only a team of one from pwrteams side, it fitted their budget, and they could get value for their money.

Our primary mode of communication with MARCH was via virtual meetings where they explicitly described priorities they would like us to focus on.

We ensured our communication was open and efficient and our delivery was timely. There were changes and necessary adjustments, but we ensured we factored them into the project for a successful outcome.

The Results

As a result of working with us, MARCH now has a functioning AI that can:

  • Match the demand for commercial real estate to the supply. The demand includes businesses or organizations needing space or property; our tool can identify them.

  • The AI tool also recommends specific proactive emails to the identified organizations. MARCH had the opportunity to test the product in time, and the conversion ratios of the proactive emails our AI recommended surpassed the market standards.

Other successful results in the project include:

  • An easy-to-use web application for their Open Geo Data and CRM data

  • A clean and easy-to-understand user interface that allows one to filter geo data sets in real-time

Overall, we helped to deliver a tool that needed no improvements and could be used immediately. Our service was up to client’s expectations, and MARCH noted no areas we fell short of their expectations.

“Their expertise in existing technologies, coupled with their eagerness to adopt and master emerging innovations, significantly contributed to the success of ou project. pwrteams expert was able to work efficiently and focus on the right priorities, resulting in timely delivery of the project. Additionally, he was flexible enough to make necessary adjustments or changes along the way without any issues.”
Inez Van Laer
Tech Lead of March comments

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