A Fully Integrated Cross-Border R&D Team for Televic

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Table of contents

The Background

Televic Healthcare is a member of Televic, a global company specialized in building sustainable and interactive high-tech solutions that ensure flawless communication in situations that are critical and essential. Televic Healthcare’s services are most relevant to hospitals, houses for older people and basically everything connected to caring about the people. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end solutions for access control, patient entertainment, nurse call, care registration and intercom for healthcare environments. Headquartered in Belgium, Televic Healthcare continues to deliver state-of-the-art systems, custom-tailored to the ever-increasing demands of its diverse clientele around the world. Over the years, the company has built and refurbished numerous healthcare institutions for its clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US.

The Challenge

Since 1954, when Televic Clinic Dispatch (T.C.D.), the first nurse call system, was launched, the company has been continuously working on creating reliable healthcare solutions that ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for people. To remain a leader on the market, the company’s innovation strategy focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies and highly effective R&D. In 2015 Televic Healthcare was looking for a strategic staff augmentation partner. This partner had to build a unique team of the creative top-notch professionals who would match their corporate culture and help them to develop innovative, challenging and international products.

Strategic Partnership

After careful consideration, Televic Healthcare started partnership with us. Over the past five years, we helped Televic Healthcare build a fully integrated dedicated R&D team. About 90% of the R&D team development tasks were covered by our team:

  • Project Lead/ Architect of the Microservices solutions

  • 2 Automation Testers

  • 2 UI developers/ designers

  • 4 FullStack developers


Our team’s responsibility included:

  • UI part design and development

  • Development and migration the system to a microservice architecture

  • Server part: communication with devices (2 directions) and integration with the mobile platform.

  • Proof of concept development (Android app)

  • Audio module development which made it possible to communicate using audio protocols

  • History module – log activities

  • Installer – app for installation of system

We also took part in the analysis and estimation of new features and preparation of requirements for the future modules.

The Results

We became a long-term Software Development partner for Televic Healthcare for R&D and development. We helped in the development of the following core products:

  • Wandering detection and prevention


    Using automated door controls and special IoT bracelets, the system can deny access for residents and patients to zones where they are not allowed for safety reasons. Furthermore, the system can also automatically trigger alarms to the nurses’ mobile devices, if a person moves outside a safe zone. The nurses will also get an accurate location of the person.

  • Wireless nurse call systems


    The intramural accurate location determination system helps nurses to cope with the comprehensive requirements of the modern healthcare environment and offers solutions to help them cope with patient mobility and safety. Combining precise technologies and the wireless medium, the system can determine the accurate location of the person in question. We integrated the systems with healthcare devices, such that an alarm can even be triggered during a heart attack.

  • Wired nurse call systems


    Critical communication systems provide a unique solution for patient safety and interactivity for the nursing staff:

  • Safe & Reliable Call Processing

  • Voice-Response Connection
  • Smooth Integration within Existing IT Infrastructure
  • Flexible Parameters per Department
  • User-Friendly Software for Retrieving Histories
  • Open Function with Validated Multimedia and Care Connections
“They have built for us a highly motivated and dedicated team that has helped us to build three successful products. From initial architecture concept to realization and support, the team has offered superb quality and service and has always thought out-of-the-box to find the best solutions for our business.”
John Gesquiere
R&D Director and Product Director

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