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We build stable cross-border organizations for your business, globally

pwrteams is the international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations in Eastern Europe, in the Baltics and Balkan countries. For over a decade we have provided staff augmentation services to premium customers across the world and stand out by exceptional team retention, engineering quality and business transparency.


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Our story

New brand. Rich heritage

pwrteams is a Nortal group company, established in 2022. pwrteams combines over 14 years of Skelia's success in building stable cross-border teams with Nortal’s global reach, investment track record and technical leadership.

Our brand represents a unique business offering “PowerTeams” — building and empowering globally distributed teams enabling our clients' sustainable growth. That’s why we pronounce “pwrteams” as “powerteams”.

How it started

Our path to success

pwrteams is built on Skelia's legacy, which dates back to year 2008 when our story begins . The collapse of Lehman Brothers inspired 3 Belgian entrepreneurs to establish Skelia, a new company with differentiating business models crafted to address changing customer needs during financial crises:

Insourcing & Control

Insourcing & control

By extending existing customer organizations, we have created a remarkable business experience as close as possible to having your own employees, as if we build and operate your own ‘remote office’.

Business Transparency & Organizational stability

Business transparency & organizational stability

We offer open book pricing without hidden costs. We designed our company for the highest team retention through cultural matching of people and teams, by working the customer way and building true partnership relations with our clients.

Top talent

Top talent

We developed customer-driven onboarding techniques to attract top talent. Our specialists stand out by technology excellence, engineering, or management skills, motivation, and shared values with their customers. It’s not only the client who chooses the people, but also the people who hire their clients.

We established the company as an “organization builder.” It was driven by business principles standing out from (and often opposite to) traditional, technology-driven IT outsourcing and offshoring companies – stay in control, full transparency, working your way, and structural stability in each step of the cooperation.

Our way to success

Designed for Stability

We earn trust

We earn trust

That’s how it started and continues on to this today. In the initial years, we signed our first three large enterprise clients who still work with us to this day. Our first two employees are still on board and are members of today’s leadership team. Stability. Trustful relations. Value both for our employees and our clients. These are core pillars of our long-standing success.

We are flexible

We are flexible

Over time, we continuously refined and successfully applied our cross-border business concept to a broad diversity of organizational structures: extended software development and QA teams, autonomous R&D cells, IoT engineering, and process automation teams, or even complete 24/7 cross-border operations centers.

We Always Improve

We always improve

Together with its continued growth and brand exposure, Skelia became an internationally recognized and award-winning organization builder. In 2021, we reached close to 400 employees and built more than 200 dedicated IT and engineering teams for customers across Europe, the UK, the Nordics, the Middle East, and the USA. In 2022 we joined forces with Nortal and pwrteams was launched.

A member of Nortal family

United to grow together

In spring 2022, Skelia has joined forces with Nortal Group. Being part of Nortal's global talent pool of 1700 experts, we continue to offer premium staff augmentation services through an extended network of service centers in Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Estonia, and Ukraine. Combined, we have a truly global presence with fully operating regional offices in North America, Finland, Germany, United Arabs Emirates, and Oman. Additionally, we have increased our quality and security processes to enterprise level but stay as focused and agile towards our client's needs as ever.

Our services

What we do

Dedicated Teams

We build stable cross-border organizations with the best IT and engineering talent in Eastern Europe. We match top notch professionals to your company’s culture, processes, and tools for a perfect cooperation. Creating this harmony is essential to us, since it leads to full commitment from your dedicated team, and also leaves you in total control of your nearshore operations.

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We test your business solutions, mobile apps, web portability, APIs and back end integration . From large systems to iPhones, or Androids to tablets and laptops, we can start testing within 24 hours of contract finalization.

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Construct 5-star mobile solutions, from brainstorming to post-delivery support with the dedicated mobile team. We serve you with an experienced, scalable, and well-balanced talent pool to support your growth , for long-term and short-term projects.

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