Choosing Team Augmentation Provider


2024 Checklist 


The perfect set of questions

Choosing the wrong staff augmentation partner can lead to mismatched skills, cultural barriers, security vulnerabilities, and unexpected costs. Our checklist provides 25+ questions on essential areas:

  • General Information
  • Recruitment Process
  • Ongoing Cooperation
  • Pricing & Payments
  • Security

giving you a 360-degree view of potential partners. Remember, the goal isn't to find just any team augmentation provider but the optimal one for you. Armed with our checklist, you'll gain the clarity and confidence needed to decide wisely.

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  • A collection of insightful questions to evaluate your potential dedicated team providers.
  • Full costs of hiring, including taxes, benefits, aAn overview of 5 critical aspects of a staff augmentation partnership.
  • Our experience-based tips on what to look out for during the provider interviews.
  • user-friendly, customizable document ready to incorporate into your hiring strategy.
Checklist Details
Jonas Hartwig

Drawing from our 15 years of expertise in building dedicated IT teams, we've created a comprehensive checklist to guide your selection of the perfect staff augmentation provider.

Choose wisely, for it's not just about finding any partner, but the one tailored to elevate your project to success.

Jonas Hartwig
Head of Sales & Marketing at Pwrteams
The right questions to ask based on our industry insights and experiences.
We are making sure your choice leads to success, security, and scalability.
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