First 12 Weeks
With Pwrteams

Playbook For Your First 12 Weeks With Pwrteams
Staff augmentation can feel like stepping into the unknown—uncertain talent quality, hidden costs, and loss of control. We understand and tackle these fears head-on with our no-nonsense, transparent approach. That's why we've put together a playbook outlining how we approach staff augmentation, resulting in long-term client relationships and high-retention teams.
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Playbook For Your First 12 Weeks With Pwrteams




Staff augmentation 
done right

At Pwrteams, we live by the power of together and the power of transparency. We're all about starting our cooperation on the right foot, making it truly risk-free. Forget about upfront fees and hidden costs—we’ve eliminated them. No money leaves your pocket until the first hire is made. We remain fully transparent and ready to assist after you start working with us. If things don’t go as planned, you can walk away with no exit fees.

This commitment to honesty ensures that we build great teams. Explore our team augmentation process here.

Risk-free start

We make starting with staff augmentation a breeze. No time and volume commitments, no start or exit fees, and absolutely no lock-ins. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience is as risk-free as possible.

Crystal clear pricing

We don't gain from pushing the priciest talent. Instead, our flat fee prioritizes the longevity and growth of our partnership. By focusing on delivering top-quality talent and service, we ensure that your success is ours.


“Talent acquisition can overwhelm. That's why we've honed a process to make it less so, based on years of experience supporting global companies with bespoke expert teams. We’re gathering insights in this guide, leading you through the first 12 weeks of our collaboration: from signing on to deploying an action-ready IT team.”

Sviatoslav Pechurytsia​
Head of Client Partners​

Step-by-step team augmentation process.

1. Pre-contract signing​

We believe in tearing down barriers. That's why we're offering you a risk-free start—no upfront charges, no obligations. We want you to feel confident, test our recruitment methods, and explore your options without any constraints.
Before we dive into the recruitment process in later stages—we simply connect. We want to give you a glimpse into our approach, our operations, and what partnering with us means.
Who will you meet along the way?

Client Partner

are a bridge between our company and assigned clients, cultivating robust relationships and comprehensively understanding their business needs to deliver tailored staffing solutions

People Partners

manage the employment life cycle in line with our standards, your requirements, and local regulations. They engage in daily communication, performance reviews, and employee relations. They are operating as a link between employees, managers, and clients.

Talent Acquisition Team​

identifies, attracts, and hires top talent to meet your staffing needs. They develop and implement recruitment strategies, manage job postings, and screen candidates through resumes and initial interviews, focusing on cultural fit and skills alignment.​

2. Client Onboarding

Understanding your recruitment needs and company is crucial to find a perfect match. By asking the right questions, we build your ideal team. The highlight of this stage is the initial kick-off call​ , during which we explore your business model and staffing requirements, collaborate on the ideal team composition, and provide insights into local IT market trends.

3. Recruitment campaigning​

Using our insights, we find candidates that fit your needs. In 4-8 weeks, we will guide you through interviews and the selection process.
The highlight of this stage is the recruitment strategy call. During this session, we ​fine-tune role specifications and technical requirements, ​explore flexibility in candidate profiles, ​address any hiring constraints to mitigate risk and expectations, and more.

Job posting & screening

After posting job descriptions, we carefully screen resumes and conduct initial interviews (1 or 2 rounds) with the candidates, focusing on cultural fit and soft skills.

Final interview & offers

You take charge of candidates’ final interviews. We facilitate and navigate you through the selection process.
We extend compelling job offers to candidates you picked and handle all administrative tasks.

Partnership costs

We present the monthly partnership costs for your approval based on your final decision on candidate offers.
Up to this moment, you are not charged for anything we have done for you.

4. Getting the team together​

We handle all recruitment and hiring formalities of employees, ensuring their welfare and satisfaction.
Before the first day, we handle the procurement and IT infrastructure setup.
On the first day, we kickstart the employee's journey with internal onboarding, encompassing GDPR and Security training for compliance and data protection.

5. Ongoing partnership​

Hiring your teams is not the end of our partnership! The integration process will extend for the​ next four weeks to ensure all processes are handled as intended. Then, we will continue to push your team forward, making our collaboration impactful beyond hiring.

6. What happens next?

We're committed partners, boosting your team at every step. Everything we do to support you and your brand new team in the first 5 weeks, we continue to do throughout our entire partnership. We tackle challenges head-on, plan ahead, and support career growth. Here’s how we do that:

Annual budgeting tailored​ to team growth and market trends

Events hosted by Pwrteams: Christmas, team building, etc.

Client-focused business trips, visits, events, and workshops

Employee training and certifications as requested by clients

Ongoing business reviews with clients

Highlighting team activities across social media platforms

What's inside the team augmentation playbook?



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