We Enrolled into Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

Published on May 15, 2018
We Enrolled into Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

Being true evangelists of customer-first approach, our folks have been investing our time and efforts into completing the certification programs by Salesforce. The latest is an efficient customer relationship platform that assists us to serve our Clients in the best way possible by offering one integrated solution to give all our teams a shared view of our Clients.

To become a certified consulting partner of Salesforce, we took a long and exciting journey. As we love to say about our people culture, our employees are what makes us an awesome company. And, yep, this achievement started from our folks who enrolled into Salesforce training programs, passed all the needed qualification exams, and received relevant consultant-level certifications.

We are so proud to have this goal of the Consulting Partner program by Salesforce achieved!

The consulting partner trailblazer score invented by Salesforce measures a partner’s contribution against some set targets across three main business and technical categories: annual contract value, expertise and customer success. our team has only started reaching our ambitious goals regarding partnerships with our peer companies. Here’s to many more wins together!

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