We Are Ranked Among the Top App Development Companies by TopDevelopers

Our company has made it to the list of the 100 best mobile development companies in the world by It’s always a pleasure to get our work recognized and share the rating with the most reliable and technologically advanced companies in the industry.

How the best developers are identified by TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers help businesses find the right developer by employing a unique assessment methodology. To define the most trusted development service providers, they evaluate the following factors:

  • Quality of end products.
    TopDevelopers gather references and feedback provided by the clients to shape an objective view on different developers.
  • Ability to deliver apps.
    The time it takes to ship the product is among the primary things taken into consideration.
  • Proven reliability.
    There are different metrics in use: market presence and penetration, overall company experience, and following in social media. TopDevelopers analyze what type of projects app development companies have had, what clients they have worked with, and how they promote their expertise across social media. 
  • Certifications and awards.
    In such a competitive environment, app development awards help get a picture of companies’ portfolios and biggest accomplishments. 

About TopDevelopers is a directory of IT service providers that analyzes companies in different niches (software development, big data, UI/UX, etc.) and puts together various industry ratings. 

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