AI & Big Data Software Development for Real Estate Tech Company
MARCH is a property technology (“prop-tech”) start-up that interrupts the classic real estate model by enforcing the human factor with transparency and technology. They help from the initial search up to the relocation of a business. They look at a company’s profile, understand its real estate needs and then match the company with the best location. MARCH uses artificial intelligence to detect patterns in the current locations of companies and uses these patterns to predict with algorithms which user would be best in a certain location. In this way, potential users will be contacted in a personal way. As a result, renting or selling commercial real estate will be easier and more efficient.
Building an AI-Powered Price Prediction Engine to Benefit Businesses Across Industries
We engaged the unique Data Science talent to build an AI-powered prediction system for our client that could help businesses optimize their pricing strategies. The solution leveraged machine learning to make quick and accurate predictions based on  millions of influencing factors.
AI and Big Data to Reveal Real-time Car Choices
pwrteams helped to build’s Data Science model right from scratch. Our team consisted of a development team lead, a full-stack developer for the backend, and a data engineer.
Content & Trip Advisor System for a Travel Group
Our client needed a system that would gather information from all corporate and partner sources, update, and present it to users (both internal and external) based on business rules. This information included available rooms, facilities, location, weather, climate, images, and more.