A Unique Microservice Architecture for a Cloud-based Smart Irrigation Platform
We successfully developed a new cloud-based microservice solution for the client. All major enterprise accounts successfully transitioned their water management to the new platform and were excited about the enhanced functionality and cost savings.
R&D Team for Televic — a Leader in Healthcare Communication Technology
Over the past five years, we helped Televic Healthcare build a fully integrated cross-border R&D team. About 90% of the R&D team development tasks were covered by our team: Project Lead/ Architect, 2 Automation Testers, 2 UI developers, 4 FullStack developers.
A Multimedia Solution for Inspiring Online Learning
The client appreciated our transparent business model and hands-on experience, so they asked our experts to re-architect the Azure Cloud infrastructure of the system to improve responsiveness under load.
Software Product Development for AGR Software — Driver for Digitalisation within the Energy Industry
We support the existing iQx™ applications and create a new reserve and resource reporting software. For the new solution, we did everything, from setting up the applications’ fundamental structure to deployment and continuous integration system configuration.
Desktop Communication App Re-Development with 2-Step Outsourcing
Their client needed to rework their cross-platform application and add some features but still meet quite a strict deadline. The company also expected their vendor to proceed with this cooperation, working on their solution scaling, support, and maintenance.
Building an AI-Powered Price Prediction Engine to Benefit Businesses Across Industries
We engaged the unique Data Science talent to build an AI-powered prediction system for our client that could help businesses optimize their pricing strategies. The solution leveraged machine learning to make quick and accurate predictions based on  millions of influencing factors.
Real-time HR Data Platforms to Win, Onboard and Engage Talent
We helped our client to build the platform that provides dynamic dashboards, so you can gather real-time insights into the experiences and needs of the talents and build meaningful relations both with your current and future employees. Measuring and adjusting the experience and insights of job seekers and making them ambassadors for the employer brand is a core strength of the platform.
Automating the Invoice Process with RPA
We developed and implemented a new RPA bot for invoice validation, sending, and payment processing for a global IT company. As result, our client has automated 70% of all invoicing tasks and achieved a 400% increase in the speed of operations.
Tax Control & Reporting Automation with RPA
pwrteams has created an RPA solution for an international IT group and automated its manual tax-related tasks including monitoring of timing and accuracy of tax payments, preparation of tax reports, checking tax payments following the local standards. As a result, our client achieved 5x cost reduction.
Software Development Partnership with WordBee – a Leading Translation Management System
We provided Wordbee with development staff augmentation services on its major projects. The main services included custom development, software testing, bug fixes, and frontend development
Travel Companion App to Enhance Clients’ Journeys
The team was working together with the client’s on-site teams to develop five travel companion native iOS and Android apps with language and content localization for five countries.
Content & Trip Advisor System for a Travel Group
Our client needed a system that would gather information from all corporate and partner sources, update, and present it to users (both internal and external) based on business rules. This information included available rooms, facilities, location, weather, climate, images, and more.