Olivier Istace

Founder and COO

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About Olivier

Solution architect and engineer in previous stages of his life, Olivier is a co-founder and COO of pwrteams (ex-Skelia). He is a highly skilled professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT & Financial services industry. He oversees all aspects of pwrteams service delivery, starting from corporate infrastructure to leading IT and engineering teams, including finance organization and administrative departments.

Olivier’s competence enables pwrteams to successfully operate and grow in different international markets and industries. He is one of the driving forces behind service innovation and process efficiency and is actively involved in growing pwrteams'R&D initiatives such as TestLab and Mobile Lab.

Before co-founding pwrteams, Olivier held several positions in software development, IT transformation, operations management, and IT/BPO offshoring at large international corporations, such as JP Morgan, Clearstream, Mastercard Europe, and Cetrel.

He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering & Computer Sciences from the University of Namur, Belgium.

“Stability. Trustful relations. Value both for our employees and our clients. These are core pillars of our success.”
Olivier Istace Founder and COO