Gerli Mölder

Head of Finance

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About Gerli

Gerli Mölder is the Head of Finance for pwrteams. Originally from Estonia, Gerli has a true passion for finance and has greatly excelled in her field. With six years of experience as an accounting finance specialist, Gerli transitioned to Nortal where she has worked her way up from Chief Accountant to Financial Controller and currently holds the position of Head of Finance.

In her five years at the company, Gerli has become a valuable member of the team, providing exceptional leadership and guidance to the finance department. She has been helping streamline all the needed processes and ensure the financial success of the organization. With her expertise and keen eye for detail, she knows exactly what it means to be responsible when it comes to financing management.

Gerli holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance from Tallinn University of Technology. Gerli’s education has provided her with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to excel in her role. In addition, she also earned a Mental Health First Aider certification which gives her the confidence to stay positive in whatever she does and allows her teammates to rely on her.

Her hard work and dedication have made her an integral part of the team and a valuable asset to the company. With Gerli at the helm, the finance department is in good hands.

“Financial management is at the heart of any business. It can help you measure your success, lead to improvements and create significant value for the business.”
Gerli Mölder Head of Finance