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For over 10 years, we have successfully tested and improved hundreds of applications, ranging from simple mobile apps to large-scale enterprise systems and comprehensive platforms backed by AI-based analytics. Our ISTQB certified QA engineers have solid hands-on testing experience and stay at the forefront of technology, transforming their knowledge into outstanding quality for your product.

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We will help you if

You Look for a 3rd Party Tester

You look for a 3rd party tester

You don’t have your own QAs on board and look for a reliable, independent 3rd party tester that will assess your product while interacting directly with the developers.

You Need to Improve Your Testing Function

You need to improve your testing function

You already have QA processes in place, but would like to improve your methodologies, boost efficiencies, and even completely automate where possible.

You Need QA Support During Peak Loads

You need QA support during peak loads

You have planned or unplanned development peaks or software releases that simply demand extra test capacity on a temporary basis.

Our capabilities

We offer

Full-Cycle Structured Testing

Full-Cycle structured testing

Let experts handle the entire testing process, from close analysis of the requirements, setting up your test framework, infrastructure or documentation development to execution of the complete testing process and maintenance.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Significantly decrease your cost and manual effort, increase test coverage and effectiveness, and shorten testing cycles with our TestLab. We will help you to automatically detect mistakes, catch early bugs, and ensure that the code follows right business logic.

QA Audit and Consulting

QA Audit and Consulting

Get an unbiased review of practically every aspect of your application. Our QA experts implement valuable and consistent benchmarks to give you in-depth, rich data that you and your team can use to make informed decisions.

API Testing

API Testing

We test and validate the communication and data exchange that passes through your APIs connecting two or more separate software systems. The purpose of API testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces, while keeping an eye towards industry-specific compliance requirements.

Continuous Integration Testing

Continuous Integration Testing

We embed pwrteams testing processes and QA experts with continuous Integration practices of ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of apps, from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Protect your data and system by identifying vulnerabilities in your product right now. We know how to find the right approach to testing to help you avoid any security breaches and data theft that costs a lot of money to recover.

Tetyana Karpenko

“Our clients appreciate our flexibility and in-depth QA expertise. We listen to our customers, align to their work schedule and capacity requirements, and immediately act upon requests to find the best solution for any client’s budget, technology stack or project needs.”

Tetyana Karpenko,

Head of TestLab
Why TestLab

Why choose us

R&D in Test Automation

R&D in Test Automation

TestLab originates from pwrteams never-ending ambition to lead by excellence in test automation. Our QA engineers’ mission is to stay up-to-date on the testing landscape by researching, comparing and trying out new tools and techniques.

Proven QA Capabilities

Proven QA capabilities

For over a decade, pwrteams has been providing testing services to businesses around the globe. We have proven expertise in most major industries and domains—from apps for Fortune 500 companies and unicorn startups to AI-driven IoT solutions and life-critical healthcare systems.

Pay as You Need

Pay as you need

We provide a true testing-on-demand business model where our clients can freely start, upscale, downscale and discontinue our TestLab services.

Competitive Blended Rates

Competitive blended rates

Our prices are competitive and blended, fully including the usage of pwrteams Testlab infrastructure, tools and physical devices.

Structured Analysis and Reporting

Structured analysis and reporting

We adhere to a structured approach, so all testing stages are based on a detailed analysis covering all areas of the software. Get a detailed report and constant communication with the team to keep abreast of all changes in your software product.

“Ready to go” Testing Infrastructure

“Ready to Go” testing infrastructure

Our TestLab is equipped with a large set of mobile and desktop devices from multiple brands, providing a range of hardware and software environments for diverse testing requirements. All at our client’s disposal.

Our clients

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Chris De Mol (Showpad)

QA Tests für Plattform zur Unterstützung des Vertriebs

  • Belgien
  • it-icon
Projektüberblick: Wegen fehlender Ressourcen wurden die QA Engineers von pwrteams mit manuellen und automatisierten Tests beauftragt. Das Team arbeitet remote an einer Vielzahl von QA-Aufgaben. Feedback: Die fachkundigen Experten und effizienten Workflows von pwrteams haben zu einer Fortsetzung der Zusammenarbeit geführt. Sie passen gut zu unserem internen Team. Die Proaktivität des Teams war bemerkenswert. Die Leute sind flexibel, kommunikativ und einsichtsvoll.
Nach mehreren Jahren hat das Team bewiesen, dass es in dem für uns relevanten Kontext qualitativ hochwertige Arbeit abliefern kann.
Chris De Mol

Chris De Mol

Engineering Program Director Showpad
John Tyrrell (Rubicoin)

App-Entwicklung und -Tests für Start-up-Unternehmen im Bereich FinTech

  • Irland
  • Informationstechnologien
Projektüberblick: pwrteams löste ein internes Team ab und führte zwischen den regelmäßigen Updates Regressions- und UI-Tests für zwei plattformübergreifende Finanzbildungs-Apps durch. Feedback: Das Team arbeitete während der gesamten Partnerschaft gründlich, transparent und sehr reaktionsschnell. Die Anzahl der von den Kunden nach der Veröffentlichung gemeldeten Bugs ging deutlich zurück, als das Team das Testen der Apps übernahm.
Das Team ist sehr professionell, transparent und hat immer schnell reagiert, wenn es Bugs oder Unregelmäßigkeiten fand.
John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell

Mitbegründer Rubicoin
Geert Janssen (Entrust IT)

App-Tests für Essensbestellplattform

  • Belgien
  • IT-Services
Projektüberblick: Das Team ist flexibel und hat Verständnis für die geringe und unregelmäßige Workload und stellt die Services je nach Bedarf zur Verfügung, ohne sich zu beklagen. Feedback: pwrteams führt Quality-Assurance-Tests für eine App durch, um sicherzustellen, dass die App geräteübergreifend für Android, iOS und die Nutzung im Web kompatibel ist. Das Team arbeitet auf Stundenbasis.
Wir werden nicht dazu gedrängt, die Services in Anspruch zu nehmen, wenn wir keinen Bedarf dafür haben.
Geert Janssen

Geert Janssen

CEO Entrust IT
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