10 Technology Trends to Watch in the Next Decade

Ten years ago doesn’t look like such a long time back. However, think of the technological advancements that have taken place in the last decade. While we might not have seen flying cars yet, technology has changed our lives. The last couple of years have been a milestone in several innovations. It is the age that has seen social media make a real impact on connectivity worldwide. Likewise, smartphones’ introduction has changed going online, while various tech platforms have given rise to a gig economy.

The last decade has seen so many technological advances with everything happening so fast that it has been hard to keep up with it. It has all been exciting, and every innovation has made our lives easier in one way or another. Experts say that we’ve not seen it all, and this next decade will only see more technology trends coming in thick and fast.

So, how will the 2020s be like? We’ve compiled the ten trends that are likely to take over the next decade. Take a look!

Artificial intelligence (AI) 

We’ve already witnessed what AI is capable of, but this next decade will take things a notch higher. One of the most significant trends is the increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently. The impact of this is set to transform the world as we know it and is the source of the majority of the innovations that we’ll see in the next decade. Artificial intelligence is the driving force for many developments, including some of the trends on this list.

The new IoT

Throughout the last decade, everyone was talking about the Internet of Things. The topic dominated all the debates as it was central to most innovations that were coming up. It’s easy to see why, as it involves the billions of connected devices worldwide that collect and share data.

 IoT devices have changed our daily lives tremendously, both at work and at home. Everything has been much better with wearable devices, smart refrigerators, digital assistants, internet-connected sensors and equipment, etc. You might wonder what possible improvement could such high technology encounter, but the next decade is set to take things up a notch. It’s worth noting that there’s already increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Coming into the 2020s, incorporating AI will see IoT become the Intelligence of Things. It means that the current smart devices will be able to analyze data and make decisions independently. Using AI will see devices become increasingly smarter than ever before to minimize human involvement in handling them. 

In the next decade, one of the popular trends we should expect is having AI and IoT in our homes, businesses, offices, and everywhere tracking every activity and adjusting to our every move better. It is one of the technological advancements set to make our lives more comfortable throughout the decade.

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Cloud robotics revolution

We have seen the introduction of robots and understand what they can do. Using their feeble brains, they’ve received specific instructions such as rivet this and carry that. They have done that and become a useful addition to many work environments like factories and warehouses designed explicitly for them. 

The next decade through cloud computing is set to guarantee a significant improvement. We’ll see some robots with super-brains stored in the online cloud. The idea is we’ll have a robot with a high intellectual capacity such that they will be more flexible in what they can do, places they can work, and perhaps have them in our homes soon.

At the moment, both Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud have robot brains learning and growing inside them. So, what is cloud robotics all about? The idea is to develop robots with human-like capabilities such as hearing, seeing, comprehending natural language, and understanding everything around them. You can say it’s all about learning to integrate different software systems and various sources of data. Cloud robotics is a trend to keep an eye on in the next ten years or so.

Introduction of 5G

When it comes to wireless technology growth, 5G is a significant driving factor. In the next decade, we are set to see its implementation as manufacturers start to produce more 5G phones. Likewise, telecommunications companies are working to deploy 5G technology within the shortest time possible. 5G is one of the trends to keep an eye on. However, what does 5G implementation mean? 

Implementing it across the world will guarantee faster broadband speeds as well as reliable wireless and mobile networks. With 5G, it will enhance significant automation and technological proliferation into every corner of the world.

The impact of 5G will go far and beyond. Its high data transfer will facilitate self-driving cars’ implementation thanks to real-time data received about the entire city. The introduction of 5G is not to mean that only your phone will get faster. Think of it as everything increasing in speed. It’s worth keeping in mind that through the 2020s wireless technology will increase its potential. The question is, will you even need wires going forward? Only time will tell!

Increased use of voice interfaces and chatbots

We’ve seen the introduction of Alexa, Siri, and chatbots. We’ve even gotten used to communicating with machines by speaking or typing what we need to be done. With all that, you might wonder what could probably be innovated in this new decade. 

Furthermore, Siri and Alexa are groundbreaking innovations. However, throughout the 2020s, more and more businesses will start interacting with their customers using voice interfaces and chatbots. It’s a trend that is set to change the customer experience significantly. Likewise, with a voice interface, it will be much easier to carry out various tasks.

Autonomous vehicles 

The idea of autonomous vehicles is already here, but coming into the 2020s, we’ll see the trend go into life. Talk of autonomous vehicles of all kinds, such as cars, taxis, trucks, and ships, this decade will see such vehicles become truly independent and commercially viable. It’s a massive innovation that will change the entire transportation system as we know it. We have already seen the introduction of driverless cars, and while it’s still a technology with a few rough edges, this new decade will see it get polished up. 

The 2020s are set to transform the self-driving cars by perfecting the technology. The time when there had to be someone behind the wheel is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

High-tech healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries set to benefit massively from technology in this decade. The healthcare industry has witnessed massive improvement since it started using various tech solutions to meet the growing demand while increasing operational efficiency in patient care delivery. The past decade saw the introduction of wearable and implanted devices that were used in health monitoring, telemedicine, and robotic devices.

The 2020s will see more technology incorporated in healthcare. Cloud-based infrastructures are set to take over while security and data privacy will be prioritized, as it is vital in maintaining patient records. Such opportunities will drive blockchain and cybersecurity innovation. This decade will see healthcare embrace technology through all points of patient care. Various tech improvements will make it possible to access a holistic view of a patient’s health.

Evolution in agriculture 

Agriculture doesn’t get left behind when it comes to technological innovation. We’ve seen companies provide various products using computer vision, big data, and artificial intelligence. As the new decade starts, monitoring crop growth using computer vision will become more common. Likewise, the use of various robots in harvesting plants and fruits will become more widespread. Indoor farming companies will also enhance the tech used to improve the efficiency of crop growth through the 2020s


When you hear of blockchain, the first thought that comes to mind is Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You think of trading online and raking massive profits. However, there’s more to the blockchain as it offers security, which is useful in several ways. Keep in mind that blockchain is data that can only be added to. You can’t change or delete it, and that’s why there’s the term chain in its name. 

It’s all about making a chain of data. Since no one can change anything, it makes blockchain quite secure. Also, blockchain is consensus-driven, so taking control of the data is impossible. There’s no need for a third-party since transactions are safe and reliable. This decade will see more and more industries use blockchain thanks to how secure it is.

Advancements in digitally extended realities 

In this age of innovation, we’ve come to associate with virtual reality, and it has brought fantastic experiences. This next decade will encompass virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. With this technological trend, we’ll see and enjoy more immersive digital experiences. 

These advancements could play a crucial role in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and rehabilitation after an injury. Giving a deeper understanding provides the perfect opportunity to be used for different reasons.

Over to you

These ten technologies will undoubtedly change the world in the upcoming ten years decade. While there are some doubts about how far the innovations will go, one thing is clear; the 2020s will be a period of major technological advancements. This is even further fast-forwarded by the current dire situation we are facing, the global pandemic.


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